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Department Introduction

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Department of Information Management, College of Management

Department Introduction

Information Management Department possess experienced professional teachers whose years of average teaching experience are 20 years and years of average relative working experience are 5 years in the industrial, official and academic fields. Academically, we emphasize on the developments of basic theory and learning ability, and practically, we concentrate on practical work and ethics to fulfill the carry out the theory and develop learning ability. The department currently has four-year bachelor program for day school, master program, and master program of extension education (in-service program).

The Aims of Education

Aim of the department is to cultivate information management engineers and managers who are capable of dedicating themselves to their work and getting along with people, innovating excellence, and appreciating both theory and practice to develop and advance theoretical research and practical application for helping information technology to apply to innovation of enterprises, national construction and regional development.

Department Features

Information Management Department possess great teaching equipment and space, such as a Mobile Application Programming Lab, a Cloud Computing and Big Data Lab, and an Intelligent IOT Innovation Application Lab. It also introduces three fields of Integrated Smart Technology program, Big Data Analysis program, and Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence program to provide students with high-quality teaching courses and environments to meet the development of industry trends. The research area of the department is divided into four main axes, including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, FinTech and BlockChain, Electronic Commerce and Social commerce, and Innovative Service Applications. Briefly described as follows:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Service, Big Data Analytics Applications, and Data Mining and Machine learning
  • FinTech and Blockchain: BlockChain, FinTech, and Information Security
  • Electronic Commerce and Social Commerce: Electronic Commerce, Social Commerce, Smart Commerce, and Cross-Border e-Commerce
  • Innovative Service Applications: Innovative Technology Adoption and Management, Service Design, Research Methodology, System Development, and Project Management

Career Directions

  • Further studies: domestic or international universities for master or doctoral program
  • Employment:
    1. Computer Programmer
    2. Software Design Engineer
    3. Database Manager
    4. Data Analysis Processor
    5. System Management Engineer
    6. System Integration Engineer
    7. Multimedia Designer
    8. Network Management Engineer
    9. Network Security Analyst